Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The_Use_of_Photoionization,Flameionization_and_Electron_Capture_Detector_in series_for_Low_MW_Trace_Components_in_Non_Urban_Atmospheres #photoionization, # PID, #FID, #ECD, #non urban atmospheres, #PI52, #GC, #gas chromatography

The paper below from the Institut fur Chemie in Germany compares GC- PID, FID and ECD for non urban samples that were concentrated on tenax. The PID (Model PI52) with an HNU 11.7 eV lamp compares in sensitivity with the ECD for low MW chloroalkanes. and with the FID for a number of hydrocarbons. The HNU PID with a 10.2 eV lamp is more sensitive than the FID or the PID with an 11.7 eV lamp.

The Use of Photoionization,Flameionization and Electron Capture Detector Inseries for Low MW Trace Componen...

A photo of the PID Analyzers Model PI52 is shown below:

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