Monday, June 27, 2011

A New PID for Trace Analysis

I have had a number of requests for copies of my paper from Pittcon 2010 entitled " A New PID for Trace Analysis". This presentation describes the 4 th generation PID which was first introduced by us at the Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy in Cleveland, OH in 1976. The 4th generation detector with improved sensitivity and lower dead volume is shown below:

4 th Generation PID

 See  presentation below.

A New PID for Trace Analysis PC2010a

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Is a PID more sensitive than an FID?

A photoionization detector (PID) for gas chromatography (GC), with a proper design should be 50-100 times more sensitive than a flame ionization detector (FID) click on PID-FID ratios.  Some PIDs only have the same or less sensitivity than an FID. The PID Analyzers PID has a dynamic range of 10 exp 8 click on ( 4th-generation-photoionization-detector) and a detection limit of < 1 ppb of benzene   click on (ppt-levels-of-benzene-in-air-by-pid ) .  Contact us at

Is is interesting to note that when we (HNU) introduced the 1st commercial PID in 1976 at #Pittcon in Cleveland, and we stated that  "Our PID is 50 times more sensitive than an FID for benzene", we were greated  with skepticism. Today, 35 years later, many people are still unaware that the PID has this kind of sensitivity.

Photo of PID