Saturday, September 24, 2011

Capillary Gas chromatographic Analysis with the Far UV (FUV) Detector #GC,#Capillary_GC.#PID Analyzers,#FUV,#ppm,#ppb

Here is an older paper on the Far UV absorbance Detector (FUV) that is a popular download on our website. The FUV can detect water, O2, and inorganic compounds at the same time as organic compounds. at ppm to ppb levels. The FUV sensitivity has been improved and this detector has been reintroduced by
PID analyzers.

Driscoll 1988 Capillary Gas Chromatographic Analysis Withthe Far UV[1]

A schematic of the FUV detector for GC is shown below:

A chromatogram of C1 to C6 hydrocarbons on a thick film capillary column follows:

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