Saturday, April 30, 2011

ppt Levels of benzene in Air by PID-GC

A PID Analyzers Model 312 GC ( with a photoionization detector  (PID-10.6 eV lamp) is shown below and was used to detect ppt (parts per trillion) levels of benzene in an air nitrogen mix.  A 100 ppb standard of benzene in air was diluted with prepurified nitrogen to obtain  ppt levels of benzene. A chromatogram with 500 ppt of benzene is show in the Figure below.

The column was a 30M x 0.32 mm id with a 5 micron film of methyl silicon ( The column flowrate was 6 cc/min of hydrogen with an additional  makeup of 6 cc/min. The temperature was isothermal at 120C.  The sample was injected with a 10 port valve that had a 0.2 cc loop.

Our PID, with a sealed window, is the most sensitive one available since ppt levels of aromatics can be detected by direct injection without preconcentration.  This detector has a very wide dynamic range of 108.

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